I am an artist, writer and lecturer. A member of the Freee art collective, I teach at Chelsea College of Art, London, and write regularly for Art Monthly.

Before forming Freee with Mel Jordan and Andy Hewitt, I had solo exhibitions at Sparwasser HQ, Flag Gallery, and the project space of the Collective Gallery, as well as showing in several Bank exhibitions including ‘Zombie Golf’ and ‘Dog-U-Mental’. Freee have had solo exhibitions at 1,000,000 mph gallery and the Collective Gallery, as well as showing in ‘Nought to Sixty’ at the ICA, ‘On Joy, Sadness and Desire’ at SMART, ‘Dorm’ at The Model, ‘London in Six Easy Steps’ at the ICA. Freee have also been selected for the Liverpool Biennial (2010), Gavin Wade’s section of the Second Guangzhou Triennale (2005), East International at Norwich Gallery (2006) and Zoo Art Fair (2009).

I co-authored the Verso book ‘The Philistine Controversy’ with John Roberts (2002), edited the MIT/Whitechapel anthology ‘Beauty’ (2009), and edited a special issue of Third Text (‘Art, Politics and Resistance?’ Vol 16, Issue 4, No.6). I have written chapters in the following books: ‘In Search of Art’s New Publics’, ‘Art and Text’, ‘Curating Subjects’, ‘The Pedagogical Turn’, ‘Culture and Agency in Contemporary and Urban Change’, ‘Pop Fictions’, ‘Art Has No History’. I have written catalogue essays for Jeremy Deller, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Liz Arnold, DJ Simpson, Walker and Walker, Brian Dawn Chalkley, Maider Lopez and Mari Sunna.

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  1. I am a PhD student in form and material technology. I will want to quote some lines from the blog on art and commodification (part 2). Kindly, can I get the full names of the author of the blog to enable me reference it? Thanks and keep the good work.

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